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Luxury penthouse-style pens for your cat

Creature comforts


All pens are spacious, hygienic and allow natural daylight to stream through the windows to allow your cat to feel as comfortable as possible during their stay with us. The pens are constructed in 2 tiers; the upper pen in which to sleep, the lower one with litter trays and space to exercise in.

Every cat has his or her favourite toys, beds and blankets, so in order to make their stay home from home, we welcome you to bring these along with you to make your cat as comfortable as possible on their cat holiday.

Every single one of our pens is constructed from uPVC, making our cattery more hygienic than traditional wooden pens. In return we ask that your cat is fully vaccinated for cat flu and enteritis and bring all the necessary documentation with you.

We understand that your cat probably has their favourite food or treats. We feed all our guests with only the finest quality cat food, but should you prefer to bring your own food (or if your cat is on a particular diet), please let us know in advance and we will accommodate your choice.


This also of course applied to medication. If your cat needs to have any particular supplements or medication administered during their stay with us, our veterinary nurse is on hand to ensure this is completed as per your request.

cat comforts Luxury penthouse-style pens for your cat